How You Have Made a Difference

Support from alumni and friends have transformed lives of students as well as the fabric of the College’s buildings. Here are just a few stories showing how donations to Trinity Hall have helped make a difference.

Several major conferences will be held at Trinity Hall on this theme over the next five years to share the publications and policy interventions, developed with academic and activist partners across the continent, with a broad international audience.

The grant from the Isaac Newton Foundation will enable the establishment of a postdoc position and five one-year visiting Fellowships connected with the programme.  The donation will also enable an annual lecture within the Centre for African Studies from a pre-eminent African speaker to take place.

The first Philomathia Scholars will start in October 2018. They include:

  • a PhD student from Kenya who will be researching police violence against poor urban youth in East Africa, and will ask how youth can become an active part of democratic governance despite the regime of state repression they live under.
  • a Masters student from the Ivory Coast working on the politics of the International Criminal Court’s intervention in Ivory Coast, asking about its repercussions for democracy in the country.
  • a Masters student from Tanzania researching corporations’ involvement in development projects in Francophone West Africa, asking about the limits of the dominant corporate social responsibility model.

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