Give TogeTHer campaigns

Our Giving Days have become a hallmark of generosity and team spirit at Trinity Hall, leaving an enduring impact on the College and its community. The contributions received have transformed lives and enabled our students to reach their fullest potential.

Giving Days aim to raise funds around a specific time period and increase engagement across the community by creating a sense of excitement through a multichannel campaign which everyone can be a part of. Your gifts have assisted students focus on their studies, not financial pressures. The collective support received has provided Cambridge Bursaries for over 100 undergraduates, given brilliant postgraduate students the opportunity to change the world, supported the mental health and wellbeing of our students, and so much more. Your contribution to these initiatives has played an important part, helping our students to thrive. We’re indebted to all who’ve supported our Give TogeTHer campaigns.

Here’s a message of thanks from the 2023/24 Rowan Williams Scholar, Anastasiia Koziak. Anastasiia has come from Ukarine to do a Cambridge LLM thanks to donations received during Give TogeTHer 3.

Give TogeTHer 4

From 28 to 30 November 2023, over £207,941 was raised towards student support via 436 gifts from 378 donors. The contributions received during Give TogeTHer 4 will make a huge difference to our students.

  • £90K donated towards the Area of Greatest Need, which allows us the flexibility to direct money to where it is most needed.
  • 8 additional full Cambridge Bursaries, which offer support for living expenses for students from low-income backgrounds.
  • 50+ donations received to the newly-created Christopher Padfield Fund for postgraduate student support.
  • £9.5K raised for College sport.
  • 34 first-time donors to Trinity Hall.
  • 15 countries where donations originated from.
  • We exceeded our target for well-being & mental health, which will allow the Wellbeing Team to continue to develop the “Live Well, Learn Well” initiative for the benefit of all in College.

Your contribution during Give TogeTHer 4 and across the year, giving us your time and/or donations, helps us ensure that the unique character of a Trinity Hall education can be maintained for future generations.

“[Receiving this grant was] incredibly important! To have the huge burden of tuition fees removed has made my time at Cambridge astoundingly more special. It has allowed me to focus much more on studies and extra-curricular activities. I have been able to take up Jiu Jitsu (for the first time) and join numerous Entrepreneurial societies which have completely changed my outlook on what my career could look like. I now have the confidence and the ability to pursue a start-up once I graduate, and attempt to grow it into something successful, which would not have been possible if I had not become a student at Cambridge. I was awarded the Cambridge Masters & Trinity Hall Studentship which provides £12,000, which contributed to almost the entire price of tuition. I would like to extend a monumental thanks to the donors that have made this possible. If it were not for this award, I likely would be under much more stress and not be able to appreciate my time here and make use of all the opportunities available to students. I believe that being a student at Cambridge has thoroughly changed my life.”


– Daniel Petrov (2023, MPhil in Data Intensive Science )

Colour photograph of two skulls in front of the Trinity Hall Boat House.

Give TogeTHer 3

The 2022 campaign raised an impressive £361,540 from 475 donors across five days. The raised amount bolstered crucial initiatives, such as:

  • More bursaries to support further undergraduates. This year we were able to offer a Bursary to 93 undergraduates.
  • Continued assistance for PhD students, particularly needed after the pandemic.
  • Opportunity for a student from a conflict zone to study at Trinity Hall.
  • Additional training equipment to the Boat Club, including two new skulls (photo).
  • Enhanced support for students with disabilities and initiatives to support overall wellbeing.

“The Speech-To-Text program made all the difference in the world to my academic experiences in Cambridge. I would not have been able to complete any of my essay assignments, whilst retaining physical energy for daily living. I am really grateful for getting this grant. Thank you so very much for enabling me to complete my studies at Cambridge, your donation is what makes the studies for us disabled people possible.”


– MML Undergraduate Student, 2022

Give TogeTHer 2

The 2021 campaign raised £256,000 from 485 donors within 36 hours. The campaign made a huge difference to the community:

  • Additional bursaries to support even more undergraduates.
  • Outreach activities for those from under-represented communities.
  • Tenth-term funding for PhD students to support those whose original source of funding ends after their third year of study.
  • Ensuring financial barriers didn’t prevent Choir members from taking part in the Choir tour.
  • Providing a unique trim trail facility at Wychfield to enable all members of the community to take part in outdoor exercise to help their wellbeing.
  • Keeping Law Society events inclusive and open to all.

“The outdoor exercise equipment at Wychfield gave me so much happiness when I was writing my Masters dissertation. I was able to use them every day and it took so little time. On the first day I used the monkey bars, my friend asked me how I was and the only thing I could think of was the monkey bars! They are also right next to a beautiful cherry tree. Thank you so much – the monkey bars have made a real difference to my Masters year at Trinity Hall!”


– Linguistics Masters student, 2022

Some of the support received towards sports facilities during Give TogeTHer 2 allowed us to purchase new basketball hoops for our Wychfield Site. Here’s Calvin Hartley (2019, History & Politics), President of the TH Basketball Society, throwing a few balls:

Give TogeTHer

In its inaugural year, Give TogeTHer raised an impressive £343,012 from 568 donors. These contributions enabled us to:

  • Provide bursaries for a further 18 undergraduates.
  • Offer additional funding to four PhD students whose courses were disrupted by the pandemic.
  • Provide a Rowan Williams Studentship for a student from a conflict zone. Rogie Vasquez (2021) (photo) joined us from the Phillipines to study Public Policy.
  • Encourage outdoor physical activity by enabling the purchase of double sculls for rowing.
  • Purchase new textbooks in key fields for the Jerwood Library to help our students.
  • Acquire further technology to aid remote teaching during the pandemic.
  • Expand our mental health support with counselling services and further training for the Wellbeing team.

The funds raised have supported Trinity Hall’s mission to invest in educating undergraduates to the highest level, as well as supporting the research of postgraduate students – empowering them all to have a positive impact on the world in whatever field they pursue.

Your support and kindness have helped make it possible for more students to make the most of the life-changing education and opportunities that Trinity Hall can provide. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your ongoing generosity which makes such a difference to our students and Fellows.

On behalf of everyone here at the College, a huge thank you!

If you wish to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact