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Helping Trinity Hall be the best it can be

As one of the 31 Colleges at the University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall is an autonomous, self-governing community of scholars. The College exists to be a hub of knowledge and a centre of learning, ensuring each generation of students that calls Trinity Hall ‘home’ benefits from academic excellence and new learning experiences. To ensure this is the case, Trinity Hall is a registered charity, and is overseen by a governing body.

Registered charity

As a registered charity, Trinity Hall’s purpose is to advance education, religion, learning and research for public benefit. This is done through the provision, support and maintenance of a college at the University of Cambridge. Admitting approximately 650 undergraduate and postgraduate students, the College provides financial and other support to its members so it can achieve this purpose.

Registered charity number: 1137458.

The Governing Body

Trinity Hall is overseen by a Governing Body, which is responsible for the strategic direction of the College. This includes taking care of its ongoing administration and the management of its finances and assets. The Master and Fellows make up this governing body, who meet 8 times a year under the Chairmanship of the Master. Junior Member representatives are invited to these meetings to ensure the governance of Trinity Hall has student input.