Why Support Us?

It is only through education and research that many of the issues facing society today will be resolved.

Without financial support we at Trinity Hall would be unable to fulfill our aims of fostering academic excellence and enhancing the University of Cambridge’s position as one of the world’s leading Universities.

To do this we must be in a position to:

  • ensure no talented individuals are prevented from studying or undertaking postgraduate research at Trinity Hall because of insufficient funding
  • offer additional financial support to our students, assisting those facing unexpected financial hardship
  • continue to provide support for teaching Fellows who underpin the supervision system
  • provide pastoral care to our community
  • improve our buildings, resources and facilities in order both to attract the brightest minds and to support learning, research and collaboration in our community
  • offer an environment in which additionally talent in sport, music, art and drama may be nurtured.

Ultimately, we must diversify our sources of income if we are to move away from dependence upon government funding.

Philanthropic support from alumni and friends, together with a shrewd investment strategy, will help us to realise these goals.

Income from our endowment provides for both the maintenance of our buildings and the sum we add to government fees to cover the cost of educating each of our students at Trinity Hall; in 2021/22 this last figure, which we call the ‘educational deficit’, though it is really an investment in the future of our students, was £5.8 million.

Donations to the College’s endowment will be invested and the income from the capital will be available to use each year. Gifts to the Trinity Hall fund are spent during the next academic year. Thousands of gifts from alumni, friends and parents make up this Fund and collectively make a huge difference. It enables the College to direct support to areas of greatest need and have an immediate impact, whilst also relieving pressure on the endowment. Our aim is to increase the numbers giving to the Trinity Hall fund as the sum of many gifts can have a huge impact: improving the lives of future generations of students and the fabric of the College buildings.

Donations to the Trinity Hall Fund and the College’s endowment are vital if we are to transform the fabric of the College and the lives of future generations of students, thereby safeguarding the future of Trinity Hall as a place of education, learning and research.

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