Living Costs

‘Living costs’ cover whatever you need to pay for, excluding tuition fees, while you’re at university.

For example:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • costs/study materials
  • personal expenses
  • transport

For many Home Fees Status undergraduates, a Student Finance England ‘maintenance loan’ covers much of these costs. You can start researching the financial help available for living costs through the Government website. Perhaps start by watching the video below.

If you are an international applicant, take a look at our International Applicants page for direction to the relevant funding resources aimed at supporting you.

Living Costs in Cambridge

Living costs at Cambridge compare quite favourably with other universities. This is because there are lots of funding opportunities specific to the University of Cambridge to help with the cost of living and/or times of financial crisis. At Trinity Hall, we also have our own system of financial support in place.

What are the regular outgoings you should expect as an undergraduate? Watch the video below to find out and continue reading to see what these costs look like for a Trinity Hall undergraduate.

The Total Cost of Living

In 2021-22, an average UK student at Trinity Hall might be expected to incur annual living costs of around £9,890, including rent. An average Overseas student might be expected to need around £11,480.

Living as a Trinity Hall Undergraduate


This is perhaps the greatest financial commitment among all your ‘cost of living’ expenses. At Trinity Hall, as an undergraduate, you will only have to pay rent for the time you are in residence here. You will not pay rent if you are not in residence during times such as the Christmas or Summer vacations. Therefore the rates for accommodation are less than you would have to pay commercially where you might pay for an entire 12-month period. We guarantee such College accommodation for the full duration of your undergraduate course.

In 2021-22, first-year undergraduate room rents range from £102.90 to £200.40 per week. Rents are calculated according to factors such as room location and size. See our accommodation page for further details.


Food prices in the College Cafeteria are very reasonable. For an average two-course, cooked meal students might expect to pay around £4 to £6.

Study Materials

Every College and Faculty has its own library, and students also have free access to online academic journals via the University. Therefore, most students will not have to pay for their own course books.


Trinity Hall is located in the centre of town, and within easy walking or cycling distance from most other University buildings. Therefore transport costs within the city are very low.