Library and Archive

Our award-winning Jerwood Library is open 24 hours a day to Trinity Hall’s students and members, while the historic Old Library remains one of the hidden gems of Cambridge. The Archive is rich in material from the 16th century onwards, the most important of which are exhibited in the Old Library.

Using the library

Old Library

Library and Archive

For students and visitors alike, our old and new library are the most popular areas to visit. Our award-winning Jerwood Library was built in 1998, and is open 24 hours a day to Trinity Hall’s undergraduate and postgraduate students and Fellows. The Old Library’s red-brick Tudor building dates back to c1590 and is the oldest library in Cambridge still in its original setting.

The Archive is home to the College’s most important documents, including many relating to the College’s early foundations. The Archive primarily consists of records relating to the administrative history of the College, but it also contains club and society records and a small collection of personal papers.

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