Trinity Hall Reps

The Alumni & Development Office are very grateful to our network of volunteers who help keep Trinity Hall members in touch with each other and with the College.

Year Reps

Our Year Reps help organise their year group reunions and keep their year group informed of group and College news.

The year groups that currently have vacancies for a year representative are:

  • 1953
  • 1965
  • 1972
  • 1990 Postgraduates
  • 1993 Postgraduates
  • 1994 Undergraduates
  • 2004 Postgraduates

Regional Reps

Our Regional Reps are on hand to offer advice and support for Trinity Hall alumni as they travel and move around the world. The map depicts the current locations of our Regional Representatives. If you are travelling to an area and would like to contact the rep, you can send them a message.

Find your Postgraduate Year Rep

Contact a postgraduate Year Rep

  • Sarah Weaver, 2010-11
  • Colin Kelly & Li Peng, 2008-9
  • Rachel Linn, 2007
  • Melissa Clapper, 2006
  • Markus Lenssen, 2005
  • Krishna Chatterjee, 2003
  • Jenny Ifft, 2002
  • Shufan Lin, 2001
  • Katerina Biliouri, 2000
  • Andrew Lennon, 1999
  • Brian Healy & Marina Terkourafi, 1998
  • Bent Grøver, 1997
  • Eric Breton, 1996
  • Alex Schroeder, 1995
  • Sarah Barrett-Jones, 1994
  • Johnny Cornwell, 1992
  • Mark Field, 1991
  • Andrew Pauza, 1989
  • David Ehinger, 1988
  • Ross Cann, 1987
  • Harry Bradshaw, 1986

Find your Regional Rep

Contact a Regional Rep


Hong Kong, Hanif Kanji

Hong Kong, Gail Southward

India, Suchitra Kanuparthi

Japan (Tokyo), James Thomas

Pakistan, Omar Sial

Singapore, Yen Yu

UAE (Dubai), Giles Strachan


Australia (Melbourne), Ally Harrison-Ichlov

Australia (Melbourne), Tony Pagone

Australia (Sydney), Simon Smith

Australia (Sydney), Gautham Srinivas


Belgium, Tim King

France, Thomas Inglesant

Germany (Bielefeld), Christian Bluth

Germany (Hamburg), Karsten Wenzlaff

Germany (Munich), Scott Stevens

Iceland, Magnus Magnússon

The Netherlands, Alice van Harten

Portugal, Nick Jacobs

North America

Barbados, Barney Gibbs

Canada (Alberta), Ted Jones

Canada (British Columbia), David Allin

Canada (Toronto), Philippe Bernier

USA (Chicago), Vicky Richter

USA (New England), Michael Balfe

USA (San Francisco), Roderick Jones

USA (State of Pennsylvania – eastern), Bruce Reed

United Kingdom

England (Essex), Rupert Holmes

England (London), Katherine MacGloin

Scotland (Edinburgh), Philip Riddle

Scotland (Glasgow), Eliska Bujokova

The Representatives (both for year groups and regional areas) are asked to:

  • maintain contact with their year group or regional membership
  • maintain contact with the Alumni & Development Office and keep the College up to date with any news/change of contact details
  • encourage their year group or regional membership to attend College events
  • attend our volunteers’ events when possible
  • suggest a replacement to the Alumni & Development Office if they wish to give up the post

The Alumni & Development Office is happy to help any alumnus/a who wants to organise an event in their local area or arrange an event back in College. Contact