THA Volunteering Awards

The THA Volunteering Awards support Trinity Hall students taking part in projects of a humanitarian or community-enhancing nature over the Long Vacation.

Since 2009, the THA has supported more than 30 students volunteering for projects both in the UK and overseas. The students have volunteered for educational, housing, environmental and social projects across the globe. Projects can take place in the UK or overseas and previous examples have generally lasted four weeks or more. Volunteering Awards range from £500-£1,000, while outstanding applications may attract more support.

There have been 4 winners for this year:

Chenyi Zhang – China
Swetha Kannan – Uganda
Charlie Boul – Guatemala
Camila Vergara – Mexico

How to apply

All undergraduate and postgraduate Trinity Hall students are invited to apply to the THA Volunteering Awards. Awards are annual and applications can be submitted during Lent term.

Recent volunteer reports

Previous volunteer reports

  • Health Education in the Developing World (WHO), Switzerland
  • Project ‘Dragonfly’ supporting disadvantaged children, Bolivia
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Projects to Assist Slum Dwellers, Tanzania
  • Research and Advocacy on Social and Economic Justice Issues, India
  • One year volunteering in Vietnam
  • Researching the use of tablets and apps in improving the Ethiopian education system
  • Colombian Campaign to Ban Landmines
  • Volunteering as a teacher at the Hindu Vidyapeeth School in the rural province of Dang (Nepal)
  • Is youth entrepreneurship the new face of sustainable international development? (Tanzania)
  • Internship at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva
  • Finding a new biodigester, Tanzania
  • Teaching English in a remote village, Nepal
  • The Wave Project
  • Community-Led Marine Conservation in Timor-Leste
  • Karen Hilltribes Water Trust Project
  • Volunteering in a Himalayan Village, India
  • Teaching English in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Working with the Temi Community, Georgia
  • Working on the Dreams Project, New Zealand
  • Volunteering in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Teaching in the Karen Hilltribe Village in Khunmaela, Thailand
  • Summer Camp in Recife, Brazil
  • Volunteering with Armonia to Help the Poor, Mexico
  • Designing and Building Sustainable ‘Transitional Housing’ in Quito, Ecuador
  • Promoting the rights and living standards of disadvantaged people, Ghana
  • Teaching disadvantaged young children in Kathmandu, Nepal