Bringing colour and the majesty of nature to Trinity Hall.

From courtyards to sweeping lawns, the gardens of Trinity Hall are both enchanting and impressive. Capturing the spirit of nature alongside our illustrious buildings helps to create a feeling that is unique to Trinity Hall. Creating an incredible outlook to be enjoyed from our inside spaces, as well as providing plentiful places to sit and relax, you’ll quickly discover our gardens form a welcome part of life at Trinity Hall.

Latham Lawn by David Valinsky Photography

Central Site

Our garden spaces at Trinity Hall centre on Front Court and Latham Lawn, and each brings its own captivating feeling. Front Court is the first garden you’ll come to and is a haven of tranquillity away from the bustle of the city centre, with wall climbers adding something special to the architecture of the buildings. Latham Lawn by the River Terrace is characterised by a sweeping lawn and 2 majestic trees: a purple beech tree and an impressive yew tree, encircled by a bench ideal for breezy summer days.

If I were called upon to mention the prettiest corner of the world, I should draw a thoughtful sigh and point the way to the gardens of Trinity Hall.

— Henry James

Wychfield by David Valinsky


Trinity Hall’s Wychfield site is home to courtyard gardens, swathes of pristine lawns and tucked-away seating areas ideal for soaking it all up. The Sunken Garden is a particular favourite, surrounded by exquisite hedges that give it a ‘secret garden’ feeling. Wychfield is enveloped by clusters of mature trees too, creating perfect woodland walking paths.

I really wanted to go somewhere that looked nice. The pictures of the gardens and Front Court really attracted me, as opposed to other colleges. When I stepped into it for the first time, everything looked like the pictures, but even more beautiful. Even nowadays the gardens make me remember how I felt the first time I stepped into College.

— Safy, undergraduate student