Financial Support

Going to University is a serious financial commitment, but cost should not be a barrier for you when you have the potential to thrive at the University of Cambridge.

At Trinity Hall, we are determined to ensure that money does not prevent our offer-holders from accepting their place at the University.

Read on to find out how, in addition to us, the University and Colleges more widely and the UK Government have made a variety of financial support available for anyone who needs it.

Trinity Hall Funding

We at Trinity Hall have established a number of ways to support our students financially. For example, we:

  • Use hardship bursaries to help students in unexpected financial difficulty. Applications may be made each term.
  • Offer Travel Grants to support travel with educational value, related to a student’s degree subject
  • Provide grants towards University-run language courses connected with a student’s study or research.
  • Distribute bursaries and grants associated with specific sports or degree subjects.

Government and Cambridge Funding

More widely, there are sources of support stemming from the University of Cambridge and the UK Government. You can find information on the financial support available by visiting the University website in the following two places:

Consider your own personal circumstances when reading this pages, because there may be funds that exist specifically to support you. For instance, if you are a Care Leaver or estranged student, there is support available to you.

If you would like to discuss your application and/or any barriers preventing you from applying, feel free to contact the Admissions Team any time.