The impact of the Harding fund at Trinity Hall

Intercollegiate fund offers IT provision for remote study to six students.

“The Digital Gateway Grant was enormously beneficial in allowing me to purchase a laptop for university. It has meant I have not had to worry about both a slow processor and a lack of storage; which would have otherwise added additional unnecessary stress during a busy Cambridge year. I am forever grateful for this, as I am now one step closer to achieving my goals.”


– Undergraduate student

Announced in the 2019-20 academic year, the Harding Challenge has been made possible by part of a £100 million gift from David and Claudia Harding. Their aim is to encourage more donors to collegiate Cambridge and to support more students in financial need across the University.  Last year any donations to student support from new donors unlocked an equivalent amount into an intercollegiate fund for student support. Over £3.4 million was unlocked in this way and these funds have ensured that first year students across the University have the resources they need for remote study.

Due to the new technological demands in the current academic year, the University of Cambridge created the ‘Digital Gateway Grants’ scheme through the money released by the Harding Challenge. The scheme was designed to help Freshers from disadvantaged backgrounds buy the necessary equipment for remote studying for Michaelmas term and beyond. First year undergraduates who were formerly on free school meals, are eligible for Digital Gateway Grants of up to £1,000.  These grants can then be used for the purchase of laptops, webcams and/or noise-cancelling headphones.

With all teaching being moved online because of the current lockdown measures in England, the funds received offer invaluable support to eligible students. These grants have made a transformative difference to six Freshers at Trinity Hall.

You can still donate towards student support at College and unlock funds from the Harding Challenge. All donations to student support from new donors and those who haven’t donated in the past two years are now eligible. Your donation will not only benefit students at Trinity Hall, but will also help undergraduates in greatest financial need across Cambridge, doubling the impact of your gift.

Multiply the power of your donation by giving to student support at Trinity Hall: