Trinity Hall Football Club

Trinity Hall Football Team 2023/4

Five former captains of Trinity Hall Football Club (THFC) have made recent gifts to support the provision of football shirts.

Last year was the first year THFC offered players the opportunity to buy their own named shirt, and the club subsidised the price considerably to make it accessible for everyone. Since then, costs have risen considerably so there was concern from the current captain regarding affordability.

1977-78 Trinity Hall Football Cuppers team

Five former THBC Captain’s: Michael Houten, 1975-76; Rick Bacon, 1976-77; Nick Eastwell, 1977-78; Chris McFadzean, 1978-79 and Ian McMaster, 1979-80 have kindly all made a contribution to THBC funds to ensure the student shirts can be subsidised in upcoming seasons.

“My father donated tracksuits for the football team in 1978 when I was captain. It’s good to see traditions being maintained, so my contribution is enthusiastically made.” Chris McFadzean (1976)

Senior Tutor, Michael Sutherland, stresses the importance of College sport, both for developing life skills and to support student mental health and wellbeing. This year demand has been greater than ever for financial assistance to allow students to participate in College sport.

“For many students, organised sport offers a welcome break from the intensity of their academic studies. We know that any physical activity improves students’ personal wellbeing, mental wellbeing and feeling of social inclusion, and we hope that students from all backgrounds have the chance to participate.” Dr Michael Sutherland, Senior Tutor

THFC is one of the College’s largest societies, with more than 30 active members. Current Captain, Charles Tetley comments on the teams current progress.

“Having been freshly promoted to Division Two (out of six) this season, we have certainly held our own and look set to, at the very least, cement our place in this division for the next season.

The highlight of the season so far is undeniably ‘doing the double’ over Trinity in the derby, beating them both in the league and cuppers with dramatic last-minute winners in each encounter, both ending 2-1. Currently, we find ourselves 6th place in the league after four challenging matches against some of the best teams in the division.

With quite a few games in hand on the teams above us, this leaves us in a pretty good position for the rest of the season. If we can capitalise on these games in hand, we stand a solid chance of qualifying for the division 2 playoff game, a post-season clash between the teams finishing second and third which determines who gets promoted to the coveted top division.

On behalf of the team, I would like to express our gratitude for your generous donations. They have gone a long way in funding not only this season’s kits but will also help cover these costs for future seasons.”

Charles Tetley (2021), Captain, THFC

Support for Student Clubs and Societies remains a strategic focus for our fundraising activity. If you would like to find out more about how to support your own former club or society, please contact Donna Thomas-Watson ( for more information.