Any member of Trinity Hall who has fulfilled the appropriate examination and residence requirements may have their degree conferred at a Congregation of the Regent House. Degrees can be conferred in person or in absence.

Any degree may be conferred at the Ordinary Congregations, which are held two or three times per term (Trinity Hall does not present students in person at all congregations, please check the available dates below). The Congregation at the end of June is known as General Admission and is for the BTh, BA, VetMB and BA with MEng or MMath or MSci degrees only.

A degree is not officially awarded until it has been conferred either in person or in absence at a Congregation of the Regent House. Degree certificates will only be issued after the degree has been conferred.

The College Praelector, Dr Cristiano Ristuccia, is responsible for presenting students at Congregations when they receive their degrees. The conferment of each degree is an act of the whole University, approved by the “Grace of the Regent House”, that is by a resolution of the governing body. Graduands are presented one by one to the Vice-Chancellor of the University, or their deputy, in the presence of the Proctors who are the elected representatives of the Regent House.

More information on Cambridge Degree Ceremonies can be found on the University website.

Dates of Congregations

The dates of Congregations at which students may graduate, either in person or in absence, can be found below (it is possible to graduate in absence on any of these dates).

Please note that, as congregations with guests in the Senate House resumed from 29 April 2022 onwards, it is no longer possible for those opting to graduate in absence to return to ‘celebrate’ their degree at an in-person congregation at a later date. However, this option is still available for those who graduated in absence between 27 March 2020 and 2 April 2022, when Covid-19 restrictions were in place and guests were not permitted in the Senate House.

Graduation is not automatic and you will need to register for the ceremony of your choice once you are aware of the date you will receive your degree results. Please register to graduate by completing the link at the bottom of this page. Please note that you are unable to sign up via CamSIS.

All dates may be subject to change or cancellation.

2023-24 Academic Year 

  • Friday 20 October 2023 – In person or in absence (limited capacity for lunch)
  • Saturday 25 November 2023 – In person or in absence 
  • Friday 26 January 2024 – In absence only
  • Saturday 24 February 2024 – In person or in absence
  • Friday 17 May 2024 – In person or in absence (we regret there is no College lunch available on this date)
  • Thursday 27 June 2024 – General Admission (BTh, BA, VetMB, and BA with MEng, MMath or MSci degrees only) – 2024 cohort only
  • Thursday 18 July 2024 – In person or in absence

How to register

Following approval of your degree you should register for a congregation; you do not have to choose the next available date but be aware that your degree will not be officially awarded, and you will not receive your degree certificate, until it is has been conferred at a Congregation. To apply, follow the link below to the online graduation registration form. Registration for each ceremony will close two weeks before. If you have any questions about this process please contact the Postgraduate Administrator.

On the day

The Praelector will line all graduands up in Front Court before the ceremony and the group will process to Senate House. All graduands must wear the correct academical dress (see below), which can be hired or purchased and will be checked by the Praelector.

Please note that the timings for the ceremony are only announced a week before the event so the programme will only be finalised close to the date.

Academical Dress

As graduation is a formal occasion, an appropriate standard of dress is expected. The dress code is strictly enforced at ceremonies and if you do not observe it, you may not be permitted to graduate on a particular occasion. Details of the dress requirements can be found on the University website and in the guide below.

Gowns, hoods and other items of academical dress may be hired from either of the following Cambridge suppliers:

We would advise graduands to book their gown and/or hood rental early as demand can be high. 

Ceremony Tickets

Graduands may request a maximum of two guest tickets for the Senate House (graduands themselves do not require a ticket), and these tickets are free of charge. Children can attend the Senate House ceremony, but will require a ticket.

College Lunch

There is normally a buffet lunch in College either before or after the ceremony for graduands and their guests. Graduands’ tickets are free of charge. Guest tickets are £20.00 per person (subject to a 10% increase in the academic year 2023-24) and each graduand may bring up to two guests. Payment for guest tickets must be made at least two weeks in advance. Children are welcome to attend the buffet lunch but will require a guest ticket. Children under 12 years of age will be charged at 50% of the normal guest rate. Please note there is no separate catering provision for infants under 2 years.


We regret that we are unable to offer refunds for lunch bookings cancelled less than 5 working days before an event. Please email or contact +44 (0)1223 760985 at the earliest opportunity, if you need to cancel your booking.

Please be aware that all these arrangements are subject to change or cancellation depending on government guidelines and regulations at the time. Please note that any travel arrangements or bookings you make will be at your own risk and the College will not be liable to compensate you if the events on the day have to be cancelled. The College will refund any lunch tickets if the event cannot go ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions.

General Admission Information

The next General Admission is scheduled to take place on Thursday 27 June 2024. Further information can be found on the intranet.