Buildings and Heritage

Preserving our heritage

Purpose: to improve our buildings and rooms to remain competitive and to attract more conference business and to improve our resources such as IT provision and the facilities within the Jerwood Library to ensure we attract the best students and academics.

Current focus:

  • Refurbishment of H staircase.
  • Improving IT provision within all College sites, including wi-fi access to all student accommodation.

Why support our refurbishment programme?

We must maintain our historic buildings and preserve them as an environment which is inspiring for study, sport, music and drama.

The College has a programme of much-needed renovation for all the staircases on the main College site in order to better serve the need of current and future generations. The refurbishment includes:

  • structural alteration and refurbishment of gyp rooms and bathroom facilities
  • improvements to electrics
  • improvements to insulation to become more energy efficient
  • repairing windows.
  • new paint and soft furnishing (curtains/carpets)
  • provision of new furniture

These improvements will help us attract the best students and academics, and also reduce costs by making the rooms more energy-efficient. Refurbishment to our accommodation will also help generate more conference income.

We spend over a million pounds on maintaining our buildings every year.   Each Staircase costs around £250,000 to refurbish.

Improving our facilities has has helped contribute to a 35% increase in income from conferencing over the past 6 years, thereby freeing up funds which can be spent on assisting students and providing teaching.

Take a Seat and help with our refurbishment programme

As part of the refurbishment of the dining hall in 2013-14, the benches were replaced by new chairs. We are offering members of the College a unique opportunity to name a chair, for themselves or a loved one, in one of the oldest dining halls in Cambridge.

These chairs are constructed of European Oak and have been designed and made by distinguished furniture designer Luke Hughes.

For a donation of £1,000 (net) an inscription can be placed on a brass disc, 31mm diameter, on the back of the chair. The provides an opportunity to mark a special occasion or to remember a loved one in memoriam for years to come. Donors will also be invited to a lunch or dinner in the dining hall as a thank you, when you have the honour of sitting on “your” chair for that occasion. The donation covers the cost of the chair and will also contribute towards much-needed refurbishment of the College’s buildings on the main site.

Inscriptions are limited to a number of characters and we request that they include names and dates only. There are a limited number of chairs and inscriptions will be offered on a first come first served basis.

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