Thanks to the major benefactions of Dennis Avery (1980), the Philomathia Foundation and the WYNG Foundation, a number of teaching posts have been funded.

  • The Robert Runcie Fellowship (Dean) – The Revd Dr Stephen Plant
  • The Körner Fellow in Mathematics – Dr Ron Reid-Edwards
  • The Philomathia Fellow – Dr Isabelle McNeill & Dr Adam Branch (please follow the links to read about their work as Philomathia Fellows)
  • The WYNG Fellow – Dr Andrew Murray & Dr David Erdos
  • The John Collier Fellow – Ms Rachel Clement

Additionally, a number of named Research Fellows have been funded.

  • The Walter Grant Scott Research Fellow (Sciences) – Dr Cohl Furey
  • The WYNG Research Fellow – Ms Alexandria Boyle
  • The Schulman Research Fellow – Dr Nicola Kozicharow
  • The Gott Research Fellow – Ms Heidi Howard
  • The Thole Research Fellow – Dr Max Leventhal

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