Postdoctoral Research Associateships and Honorary MCR membership

Postdoctoral Research Associateships

Trinity Hall has a research associateship scheme that offers postdoctoral researchers admission into the MCR (Middle Combination Room which is for postgraduate students).

Please note that applications are closed for 2023-24 but will re-open again in July 2024 for the next academic year.

These associateships (distinct from Junior Research Fellowships in terms of both duties and privileges) are available to researchers who have a contract within the University. The scheme is intended to provide postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to take full advantage of the Cambridge collegiate system by offering associates full College and MCR membership.

Honorary MCR Social Membership

Trinity Hall’s Honorary Social Membership scheme is open to visiting postgraduate scholars (currently studying) who have an affiliation with a Cambridge faculty or department, but are not members of a College, and would like the opportunity to enjoy the social benefits of belonging to an MCR (Middle Combination Room, which is for postgraduate students). Honorary MCR Social Membership is tenable for a maximum of two terms and the fee is £150 per term with an additional £100 deposit.  The College has a maximum of 10 Honorary MCR Social Members at any given time.

The College aims to provide the following social benefits of membership:

  • access to dining and catering facilities
  • access to the Jerwood library
  • access to sports facilities
  • access to the MCR common room
  • University card and email if this is not provided by the visiting student’s Faculty or Department
  • subject to availability, the opportunity to apply for spare accommodation on our Wychfield site
  • provision of a College pigeonhole for mail

Membership excludes the following:

  • access to financial support or other College resources
  • the opportunity to run for election as an MCR officer, or vote for Officers.
  • alumni status or access to alumni benefits