Why Trinity Hall?

Student Ambassadors in Front Court

What Makes Trinity Hall special?

Although one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge – it was founded in 1350 – Trinity Hall is anything but old-fashioned in its outlook. There is a sense of vitality and youth among its members, making it a fun and informal place to live and study.

Ideally situated for academic and student life in Cambridge, Trinity Hall is located right in the centre of town within easy walking distance of lecture rooms, labs, libraries, clubs, pubs and shops. Our gardens back right onto the river – a popular place to be in the summer.

Our lively community of scholars and students is a supportive place to be at its heart and that’s what makes Trinity Hall a perfect environment in which to live and to explore your academic interests (and it’s also why our students do so well).


Girl reading in Trinity Hall

Exceptional Academic Support

Trinity Hall has a long history of helping exceptional students fulfil their potential: from virtuoso violinist George Bridgetower to the world-renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, the College has been a springboard to talent for generations.

When you study here you’ll work with and be taught by Fellows who are world-leading experts in their fields. Our Fellowship cover a huge breadth of research disciplines and the College offers a wide range of courses so, alongside the incredible learning and research facilities available on our sites, students at Trinity Hall live in the academic heart of Cambridge

Students are also supported by tutors who have a detailed knowledge of how to make the most of your time at Cambridge. This “pastoral” support is bolstered by a Wellbeing Team made up of trained professionals, and this all means that at Trinity Hall you will be helped to perform at your best.

Student playing harpsichord in the WongAvery Music Gallery

Excellent Facilities

A Cambridge college is much more than just a collection of beautiful buildings: it is a place where you’ll live, study and socialise. The College provides a base for student life, offering a range of facilities including:

  • College-owned accommodation for students
  • Food and drink from the cafeteria, coffee shop and bar
  • Library open 24-hours a day, all year round
  • Chapel and gardens for peace and reflection any hour of the day or evening
  • Sports including football, hockey, rugby, cricket, netball, squash, tennis and rowing
  • Music for everyone with countless opportunities to get involved
  • First-class IT facilities for the use of its students.

There are lots of ways to socialise and make friends while you’re at Trinity Hall. From casual meals to themed parties to the annual ‘June Event’, there is plenty to get involved in!


Dinner with Friends

The College Cafeteria provides a focal point for socialising and is a great place to catch up with friends after a busy day in the lab/library. If you want a chance to make the most of your gown and dine in style, Formal Hall is served every Thursday and Sunday during Full Term.

The most superlative of all College dining is the fortnightly Superhall, which takes place on a Friday evening. The food at these dinners is usually themed, and sometimes attendees wear fancy-dress!

College 'Ents'

Within College, formal social events are organised by the student committees – the JCR (undergraduates) and the MCR (postgraduates). Events include regular dinners, themed parties or ‘bops’, pub quizzes, nights out and the annual ‘June Event’, when the College is transformed into a maze of bands, DJs, food, drink and festivity, as a mystery theme takes over Trinity Hall for one night only.

Frequented by undergraduates and postgraduates alike, the College Bar is the go-to place after any big College event, and also doubles as the venue for the JCR’s ‘Viva!’

Clubs and Societies

The College plays host to a range of societies, both recreational and academic. With everything from politics to sports, drama to music, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy at Trinity Hall. And any student who finds that the College lacks a particular society or club is free to create one! With several large rooms around the College, there are plenty of places to host events. As well as College societies, there are around 400 University societies to choose from.

Social Life

Listen to some Trinity Hall students talk about what they do in their spare time – including clubs, societies and nights out.

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