Chapel and Interfaith Room


Spaces for prayer and reflection for anyone at Trinity Hall.

Taking some time out to reflect, meditate and contemplate is important for everyone. Your faith, religion or belief system is personal to you. And we provide the spaces at Trinity Hall for you to observe your beliefs in your own way.


Our inviting chapel welcomes anyone from Trinity Hall and their guests to our services, regardless of your beliefs. If you usually receive communion, you are invited to receive communion with us too. There is no dress code and you’ll enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When services are not running, any member of Trinity Hall can visit the chapel for some quiet contemplation.


One of the oldest chapels at the University of Cambridge, our chapel at Trinity Hall was built in the 1360s. Small, elegant and inviting, the chapel has had many makeovers throughout the years. An organ gallery was built over the ante-chapel in 1922, bringing music to the space for the first time. Some signs of the medieval building can still be spotted, including some medieval buttresses on the outside wall.

Interfaith room

For those who prefer another option to practice their faith, the interfaith room at Trinity Hall is a different space that can be used by all. A room for private prayer, meditation or quiet contemplation, this is a place where you can go any time to make the most of your own personal peace.

The Interfaith Room is located on T Staircase on Central Site. Anyone wishing to use the Interfaith Room should visit the Porters’ Lodge to obtain the key.