MA and Degrees

The MA is conferred by right on holders of the Cambridge BA degree. You may proceed to the MA not less than six years from the end of your first term of residence.

The MA enables you to:

  • exercise MA dining privileges in College
  • borrow books from the University Library (as a member of the Senate)
  • participate in Discussions (part of the University’s decision-making process)
  • vote in the election of a new Chancellor or High Steward

Receiving your MA

When you become eligible to receive your MA degree the Alumni & Development Office will contact you about four months before the ceremony, which traditionally takes place at the end of March.

  • there is a charge of £20 to receive the MA
  • the MA must be booked at least three weeks before the ceremony
  • MA candidates are invited to bring up to two guests to the ceremony in the Senate House
  • celebrations in College (for the March/April ceremonies only) include tea and cake following the ceremony for graduands and their guests and a reunion dinner in the evening for graduands only
  • the MA degree can also be taken in absence

Further information about taking the MA, including the dress code for the ceremony, can be found on the University website or you can contact the Alumni & Development Office.

Future MA dates

The MA Ceremony for 2018 UG will take place on Saturday 29 March 2025

If you are already eligible to take your MA but haven’t yet taken it, please contact Liz Pentlow to make arrangements for the conferral of the degree, either in person or in absence.

It is possible to take the MA degree at ceremonies throughout the year. When you book for the MA, the booking page will show the next available ceremony date, or please ask the Alumni Office for upcoming dates. You can also see these on the University website, but not all dates will be available for taking the MA in person, so please check before booking.

Further information about degrees

For information about General Admission and other graduation ceremonies contact the Tutorial Office. More information about graduation can be found on the intranet.

Alumni wanting transcripts of degrees or supplementary copies of degree certificates should use the online ordering on the University webpage.