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THe Telethon

A paid job opportunity open annually to all current JCR & MCR members of Trinity Hall and those who graduated by the end of the previous academic year.

It was a fascinating experience calling up people and having an instant connection with them. Some of the stories that came up made me laugh out loud! In a way it did not matter if they were some kind of CEO – we both shared that bond of being from the Hall. So many people from all over the place clearly care about the Hall and hearing them offer to continue supporting was rather humbling. It was a great way of getting exposure to people from all walks of life and learning how to talk with them in a polite, calm and professional manner. I have ended up having to do a fair bit of fundraising in my current job and this was really helpful for learning how to do it.

A former member of our calling team

We are looking for up to 12 professional and committed students to have engaging conversations with alumni and help raise much needed funds for the Trinity Hall Fund.

The Telethon in 2020 will run over March and April. If you need a job which affords you the opportunity to have great conversations with alumni from all over the globe, to stay in College over the holidays and carry on with your studies, to learn new transferable skills and earn a little extra cash then this is the role for you.

If you have any questions which are not answered on this micro site, please visit James in the Alumni & Development Office in I4.

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