Telethon Caller: Job Specification


This is your chance to do something worthwhile, improve your CV, earn money and have fun chatting to former students of Trinity Hall.

In April 2024, Trinity Hall will hold its 20th telephone campaign. The purpose of this campaign is twofold: to enhance communication and further develop relationships between Trinity Hall and its alumni and to raise money for the Trinity Hall Fund. Members enjoy hearing what’s happening in College – particularly from a current student’s perspective – and this is an important opportunity for you to help build closer links between Trinity Hall and our alumni.

All alumni we intend to call will receive an email in advance letting them know that a current student will be calling to exchange experiences, update them on Trinity Hall’s news and forthcoming events, to ask for feedback and to seek support for The Trinity Hall Fund. All alumni in the calling pool will be asked for their consent prior to your call.

Job Description

Callers will telephone a wide range of Trinity Hall alumni to:

  • update them on Trinity Hall news and activities
  • engage them in conversation about their time at Trinity Hall
  • discuss their career paths
  • ask for feedback on events and publications
  • seek support for the Trinity Hall Fund, explaining the College’s need for additional funding.

Callers will need to keep an accurate record of all the calls they make, using our calling program.  Callers will also make short videos to thank everyone that they speak to.  Comprehensive training will be provided.


This is a rewarding and enjoyable role with the following benefits:

  • An hourly rate of pay.
  • There will also be further incentives and “prizes” offered.
  • This is excellent work experience offering transferable skills for almost any future career.  You will receive comprehensive training and will learn about alumni relations, fundraising and running a marketing campaign from start to finish, as well as how to make successful telephone calls.  You will learn negotiating skills, increase your confidence and improve your telephone manner.
  • It is an excellent job to put on your CV and a member of the Alumni & Development team will be happy to act as a referee (and/or as a recommendation on LinkedIn) for anyone who completes the training and calling.

Person Specification

Above all, callers need to enjoy speaking to people and have an outgoing, pleasant and friendly manner: the calling should be enjoyable for both callers and alumni. We are looking to recruit up to thirteen students with the following qualities:

  • Enjoy speaking to a variety of people from all walks of life
  • Good telephone manner
  • Committed
  • The ability to deal with confidential information in a discreet and tactful manner (all personal information must be treated as confidential beyond the calling room)
  • Reliable and accurate in their time-keeping
  • Self-confident, tactful and discreet
  • Can adapt and take advice from others
  • Can listen
  • Understand and agree with the principles of telephone fundraising
  • Able to act in a professional manner at all times

Dates, Hours and Pay

The Telethon in 2024 will run from Monday 8 April until Sunday 21 April 2024 with hours and sessions to be confirmed before we begin.

The training and subsequent calling sessions will take place on Central Site. The Senior Tutor and/or Tutors will be contacted with the names of those wishing to take part in the Campaign to ensure there are no tutorial concerns with any callers.

  • Caller training: 9am – 4pm on the first two days of the campaign
  • Weeknight calling: (6.15pm) 6.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Saturday calling: (9.45am) 10am – 5pm (1 hour lunch)
  • Sunday calling: (1.45pm) 2pm – 8pm (1 hour dinner)

There will also be additional calling sessions to facilitate overseas calling which will be optional but it is hoped you will wish to take part in at least two of these.

Callers will therefore be working approximately 23 hours per week. Callers will be asked to agree to a timesheet at the end of each week and will then be paid in arrears following the campaign into your College Account. Please note that you will only be paid for the two training days if you attend all standard calling sessions unless agreed otherwise prior to the campaign.

Details of working will be agreed with you prior to the start of the campaign.