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Dr Veronica Franklin | 2009, Micro & Nanotechnology
01 Jan 2024

2009, Micro & Nanotechnology

When I started my postgraduate studies back in Singapore, I worked long hours in the lab. Even when I left the office, I was still thinking about my research. To switch my mind away from research, I had to find something else that I could be just as enthusiastic about.

I remembered receiving my first bouquet of flowers and feeling elated: I was in awe of their beauty and hoped that when someone else received a gift of flowers, they would be just as happy. I started putting flowers together, trusting in my own artistic skills. Frustratingly, I was not able to make them look as good as the pictures in magazines.

So, I enrolled in a floral school where I learnt basic floral arrangement techniques in the evenings. It was one of my best decisions as it provided a solid foundation for my hobby. Though I started by making commercial-style arrangements, I began to venture into designs that were more expressive and experimental.