MS. 12 Illustrations : I. Boethius De consolatione philosophiae : Liber v

230) f. 77 b. 1st prose. Man at desk with book. Chest with sloping top and two books.

231) A man digging, uncovers gold coins.

232) f. 78. 1st metre. Tigris and Euphrates flowing from one fountain.

233) Parthians shoot arrows backward at mailed warriors on R.

234) f. 79. 2nd metre. Crowned head of the sun in clouds: blank space below.

235) 3rd prose. A man seated on the ground.

236) f. 80. Maistre thiserie seated in a chair holds two scrolls.

237) f. 81. 3rd metre. Six crowns on the ground.

238) 4th prose. A teacher at desk: five learners.

239) f. 81 b. A carter leads a waggon by a hill.

240) f. 82. A carpenter with axe works at a railing (?).

241) f. 82 b. A man with pendant sleeves carries a bowl of eggs or money under his arm.

242) f. 83. 4th metre. Blank space: then a man sits writing at a large desk, with a long pen, clumsily.

243) f. 83 b. A woman looks at herself in a hand-mirror.

244) A man in tunic talks to one in a long gown.

245) f. 84 b. 5th metre. Trees, rocks and water: birds and beasts of several kinds.

246) f. 85 b. 6th prose. A man in long gown looks at the sun in clouds and at a man with long staff walking.

247) f. 86 b. A man in gown looks at one raking straw.

248) f. 87. Epilogue. A man at desk with book : clouds above.

[End of Boethius.]

Intermediate illustrations
249) f. 87 b. Full-page: canopies. S. xpofle (Christopher): holds tree-staff and carries the Child Christ.

250) S. Iorge in plate armour with red cross shield and spear, tramples on dragon and pierces its head.

251) f. 88. S. Dominique. Black (brown) and white habit: staff and book.

252) S. Francois in brown holds up his hands with the stigmata.

253) f. 88 b. S. Radegonde. Really the Synagogue: blindfold with broken spear holds the tables of the Law.

254) S. Blaise. Bishop with wool-card and book.

255) f. 89. S. Benart (Bernard) in white habit, pastoral staff and book.

256) S. Lienart (Leonard). Deacon with book, holds a chain connecting two nude prisoners in linen drawers whose hands and feet are bound and connected with the same chain.

257) f. 89 b. Sainte Anne and Ioachim meet before a rich building (the golden gate of the Temple): an angel flies down, holding a long blank scroll.

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