Medieval and Sixteenth-Century Manuscripts

The following is an index of all the medieval and early modern manuscripts (up to 1600 A.D.) held in the Old Library. The majority were described by M. R. James in his A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of Trinity Hall (Cambridge University Press, 1907). As a result of Trinity Hall’s Old Library Manuscripts Cataloguing Project, supplementary descriptions have been added to some of James’s descriptions. Also listed here are some medieval manuscripts which were not catalogued by James and which have been recently catalogued as part of the Old Library Manuscripts Cataloguing Project.


ClassmarkManuscriptDate of Manuscript
MS.1Thomas Elmham Historiae Abbatiae S. Augustinica.1410-1413
MS.2Ralph of Flavigny on Leviticus
Late 12th century-early 13th century
MS.3Thomas Netter Doctrinale ecclesie contra blasfemias Wiclef
MS.4Josephus Historiae Antiquitatis Judaice12th century
MS.5 Augustine De civitate Dei14th century
MS.6Glossa super PsalmosLate 12th century
MS.7 Glossarium in sextum decretalium1350-1375
MS.8 Repertorium (A) ; Third Book of Decretals (B)1325-1375 (A) 1250-1330 (B)
MS.9 De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliaeca.1275-1300
MS.10 Imago Mundi (Speculum vel imago mundi)ca.1460-1480
MS.11 Extracts from the works of Peter of Blois,
MS.12 Boethius De consolatione philosophiae (I) ; Chastelaine de vergi (II); La regale du monde (III)ca.1410
MS.13Guilelmus Peraldus Sermonsca.1300-1325
MS.15Martinus Polonus Tabula Martiniana)ca.1325-1350
MS.16Cibus anime15th century
MS.17 Roger Dymmok Contra Lollardorumca.1395
MS.18 Johannis de Burgo Pupilla oculi15th century
MS.19 Statuta ad Hen. 615th century
MS.21 Severus Vita Sancti Martinica.1050
MS.22 St. Jerome on Job – Daniel13th century
MS.24 Stephanus Langton super xii Prophetas13th century
MS.25 Ranulphi Higden Polychronicon14th century
MS.26 St. Ambrose De virginibus11th century and 12th century
MS.28 Summarium capitulorum Genesis ad JobEarly 14th century
MS.29 [THAR/7/1/13] The Parker Register16th century
MS.73 Arms of the sovereigns and leading nobles of England16th century
MS.55 Novae Narrationesca. 1290-1320
THAR/1/6 Master’s Statute Bookca.1352-1760
THAR/8/3/1/3/3 Letter of Elizabeth I2 September 1587