MS. 12 Illustrations : I. Boethius De consolatione philosophiae : Liber iv

160) f. 55. God and seven angels, two with candlesticks: below His feet an angel flies down, pierces a devil with cross-staff and holds scales in which are two small figures.

161) f. 55 b. 1st metre. Two wings.

162) f. 56. A whole column. At top, God and angels and souls, the soul winged touches the vesica on which God is: below, bands representing the seven spheres. In thelowest are nude souls praying: below these, earth, and at the bottom, Hell with devils pouring liquid over souls in a caldron.

163) f. 56 b2nd prose. One man walking: another creeps on his knees.

164) f. 57 b. A man with dagger: a devil behind (tempting him).

165) A skeleton-corpse on the ground.

166) f. 58. 2ndmetre. A throned tyrant: a suppliant kneels to him: a devil behind: courtiers round him.

167) f. 58 b. 3rd prose. A building on L. with a cross and wreath (a goal); one man approaches it, another follows.

168) f. 59. A wolf.

169) Two dogs.

170) A fox.

171) A lion.

172) f. 59 b. A stag.

173) Two donkeys; a bird in air.

174) 3rdmetre. A goat, a lion? and a wolf.

175) f. 60. Three pigs eating acorns in a wood (Circe’s victims).

176) In a building Athene sits winged holding star with a lamp before her. Ulysses kneels to her.

177) n a building Circe offers a bowl of food to Ulysses on R.

178) f. 60 b4th prose. A ruler throned on R. ; a devil in air takes his soul. Before him kneels a prisoner in linen drawers with his hands chained together and to his feet: four attendants.

179) f. 61. A man with one foot walks on crutches: another without feet creeps on hands and knees.

180) f. 61 b. An owl.

181) f. 62. A blind man hooded with stick, led by a dog.

182) A judge seated, an attendant with staff: two men kneel on R.and L.

183) f. 62 b. 4th metre. Death on a horse (like no. 82).

184) f. 63. Beasts (four) devouring men.

185) Two men fight with swords.

186) f. 63 b. 5th metre. Water: stars? shine on it.

187) Two men sit beating drums (to keep off eclipse): moon in clouds.

188) f. 64. The Hydra (three-headed bird-like dragon): Hercules with sword on R.

189) f. 64 b. 6th prose. A carpenter with axe: many squared beams, and an unfinished carved railing before him.

190) f. 65. A large sphere: a small one within it on L. with the centre marked.

191) f. 65 b. A doctor offers two bowls (different remedies) to two patients with sticks.

192) f. 66. A crowd of plate-armoured warriors fighting (from Lucan?).

193) f. 67. A devil in air takes the soul of a king at table: four attendants.

194) Two men fight with swords.

195) f. 67 b. 6th metre. Clouds: stars falling into water.

196) f. 68 b. 7th prose. A battle with standards: men in plate armour fight.

197) f. 69. 7th metre. A castle : in front a boatful of men and Paris who stands on a ladder and receives Helen crowned in his arms.

198) f. 69 b. Agamemnon throned on L., two men, one with flag, kneel to him.

199) Ships full of warriors.

200) Ships full of warriors: in one a tonsured man holds the head of Iphigenia in a dish: a small figure of Diana with sword is seen.

201) f. 70. A city (Troy) scaled by men with a ladder: others inside kill men.

202) Ulysses in armour pierces with sword the eye of Polyphemus on the ground. Le xiie vasselages hercules (the twelve labours of Hercules).

203) f. 70 b. Hercules in armour (as always) shoots at two centaurs who are full of arrows: they shoot back at him.

204) Hercules rips up the body of the Nemean lion with his sword.

205) f. 71. A castellated enclosure: in it Hercules with a sack: two Hesperides, two fruit-trees: in the door a beast’s head is seen.

206) A man at table: three Harpies (human-headed) in air: Hercules shoots, one falls.

207) f. 71 b. Hell. Hercules drags out a devil (Cerberus) by a rope round his neck.

208) A stable, two horses (Diomede’s) eating human limbs: a head on the floor: Hercules pierces a horse with spears.

209) f. 72. Hercules sets fire to a pile of faggots in which two heads of the Hydra are seen.

210) Hercules and a warrior (Archelaus?) wrestle.

211) Hercules astride of a dragon holds its head.

212) f. 72 b. Hercules hits the bull of Erymanthus on the head.

213) The bull disappearing in water : Hercules and a woman walk away.

214) Hercules and a man (Pantheus = Antaeus) fight.

215) f. 73. Hercules holds up Antaeus : their spears and shields piled on the ground.

216) Cacus and another pull two oxen by the tails: Hercules asleep.

217) f. 73 b. A house with two oxen : Hercules runs Cacus through.

128) He pierces a boar: the spear has a cross-piece.

219) Atlas seated in the midst of the sphere (supporting the world).

220) f. 74. Hercules seated in the midst of the sphere.

221) f. 74 b. Full-page: under canopies. S. Estiene, with stone and book.

222) S. Martin. Bishop, cross-staff and book.

223) f. 75. S. Nicolas. Bishop, crooked pastoral staff.

224) S. Fiacre. Monk with book and wooden spade shod with iron.

225) f. 75 b. S. Cosme. Doctor’s gown and tippet: black skull cap: pot of ointment and book.

226) S. Damian. Similar.

227) f. 76. S. Eloy. Bishop, pastoral staff and hammer.

228) S. Geneuieue. Candle, angel lights it, devil blows it out: book.

229) f. 76 b. The Nativity at top, angels with scroll Gloria–et in terra. In the stable below, wattled manger with Child, ox and ass, shepherds (3) on L., below this the Virgin reclining, Joseph on R. in wooden chair pulls his beard. In front a young servant: pan on brazier.

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