Impact of Giving 2021-22

Thank you very much for your support over the last academic year, which has made a big difference to our students and to the College.

  • £1.3M was spent on student support overall, including £759K in studentships for postgraduate students and £148K on undergraduate hardship.
  • 96 Trinity Hall students received a Cambridge Bursary, of whom 51 were receiving the maximum amount of £3,500.
  • 18 postgraduate studentships were granted.

The money allowed me to pay for many aspects of student life, including travel when moving in, paying for accommodation and funding for food. Without the grant, not only would term time become far more difficult, but my studying during holidays would have to be curtailed in favour of a part-time job in order to support myself. The bursaries I have received at Trinity Hall have made my student life at Cambridge possible. Without it, pursuing studies during the holidays would be far more difficult and studying during term time would be far more stressful, as I would have to watch every penny.

(Computer Science undergraduate student, 2020)

Trinity Hall Summer Internships

Your collective donations have allowed our students to experience potential career possibilities during the long vacation, which wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support.

M and N staircases refurbishment

Thanks to donations we’ve been able to carry out welcome upgrades to facilities, which now offer a better resting and studying environment for students.

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