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Trinity Hall welcomes prospective applicants to visit both the University and the College. Visiting Trinity Hall is one of the best ways to get a feel for the place and learn about life studying and socialising here. We run several Trinity Hall Open Days and Subject Taster Days throughout the year, and take part in the University’s wider Open Days each July; these are primarily aimed at sixth-form students who are considering applying to Cambridge and would like to know more about the University, the Colleges, courses available, and the admissions process.

Bookings are currently open for:

Faculty of Mathematics Open Day - 5 May 2018 +-

Trinity Hall is taking part in the Faculty of Mathematics Open Day on Saturday 5th May 2018. You can spend the first half of the day at Trinity Hall, from 10.30am – 1pm, learning about the Mathematics course, getting to know the College on a tour and eating lunch in our Dining Hall.

Please book onto the Trinity Hall section of the Open Day via our online booking form. Bookings for the afternoon section of the Open Day, based at the Faculty of Mathematics, must be made separately through the Faculty of Mathematics website.

Modern & Medieval Languages Taster Day - 15 May 2018 +-

Are you interested to know… What studying languages at university is like? Why studying languages is worthwhile? How you can make a strong application to the University of Cambridge’s Modern and Medieval Languages course? Trinity Hall is running a Modern and Medieval Languages (MML) Taster Day for sixth-form students at schools/colleges in the UK, who are currently studying at least one language.

The day will include useful and interactive sessions, run by Trinity Hall’s Directors of Studies for MML and Linguistics, on translation skills, starting a language from scratch, the study of cultures and Cambridge’s admissions process. Attendees can also have a tour and eat lunch in Trinity Hall.

This event runs from 10.30am – 4pm. Attendees must be studying/have studied at least one foreign language at A Level (or equivalent) in a UK school/college. Two thirds of places will be initially reserved for students from UK state schools and colleges. The event is free (including lunch). Bookings can be made here.

The programme differs slightly according to whether the event is subject-specific or general, but all events include an opportunity to take a tour of the College.

Please note that attendance at an Open Day or Subject Taster Event is not a prerequisite for applying, and those who apply without having attended one of these events are not at a disadvantage with regard to admissions.

Visiting Trinity Hall

If you are considering applying to Trinity Hall but are unable to attend one of our events (or there isn’t one due to take place in the near future), you are very welcome to look around Trinity Hall on an alternative date. If you would like to look around on a self-guided tour, please visit Trinity Hall’s Central Site Porters Lodge and introduce yourself as a potential applicant – the Porters will let you know whether it is possible at that time for you to look around Central Site.

Alternatively, please contact to enquire about being shown around by Helena Blair, Trinity Hall’s Schools Liaison Officer.

Trinity Hall runs many different events for prospective applicants. You can find out more about our other Schools Liaison and Outreach work on the Access and Outreach webpage of this website.


We are keen to meet as many prospective applicants as we can through our Open Days and Subject Taster Events, which unfortunately means that we are unable to include parents and guardians in the main programme or offer them lunch. However, our events occasionally include parent/guardian-specific sessions, and parents and guardians are welcome to explore the College grounds at their leisure.

Visitors with Disabilities

Please let us know in advance if there is anything we can do to make your visit easier.

Open Day Travel Fund

The Open Day Travel Fund assists young people who are in care and care leavers, with travel to any of 100+ open days organised by the University and Colleges of Cambridge. Further information is available on the University website.

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