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Revd Dr Stephen Plant


Fellow type
Staff Fellow

Dean, Chaplain, Runcie Fellow and College Associate Professor in Theology; Senior College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Theology; Tutor


Dr Stephen Plant has worked at Trinity Hall since 2010, but has taught theology in Cambridge since 2001. He is also Dean and Chaplain of the College.

He lectures on theology and on ethics in the Faculty of Divinity, is a member of the Faculty Board and the Degree Committee, and Chair of Examiners for the Bth. He has written and edited several books including Bonhoeffer (Bloomsbury, 2004), The SPCK Introduction to Simone Weil (SPCK 2007), Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Letters to London (with Toni Burrowes-Cromwell, SPCK, 2013), and Taking Stock of Bonhoeffer (Ashgate, 2014). He is currently compiling a book on theology and international development for the Ashgate Press. His research interests include modern Protestant theology, political theology and international development. From 2007-13, he edited the influential journal Theology for SPCK/SAGE.

As Director of Studies, Dr Plant is responsible for choosing the best supervisors to work with you depending on the papers that you choose and for guiding and supporting your studies.