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Professor Vasant Kumar


Materials Science (Natural Sciences)
Fellow type
Staff Fellow
Phone number

+44 1223 332513


Staff Fellow in Natural Sciences; Tutor; Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Materials); University Professor in Materials Science and Metallurgy



Professor Kumar has over 25 years of Research Experience in Materials Chemistry, Energy Devices, Solid State Ionics, Electrochemistry and Metal Production, Refining & Recycling. He has published over 320 papers, 17 Patents and 5 Chapters in Handbooks and 1 edited book (High energy density Li batteries, Wiley-VCH 2010, also translated in Chinese, 2013, 2nd Edition in 2019). He has supervised over 40 PhD students, 35 post-doctoral researchers, 20 visiting students and hosted 25 visiting professors and industrial scientists. Many of his research has led to licenses and industrial practices and he has founded four start-up companies in order to commercialise some of his inventions. He is a Fellow of the “Institute of Materials”; the “Energy Institute”; and the Editor-in-Chief of Institute of Materials Journal on “Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy”. Professor Kumar has numerous accolades, including Honorary Professorships at four universities in China; an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering by the University of Malaysia in 2011 and the Armourers and Brasiers Materials Science Venture Prize in 2008, and the IOM3 Kroll medal in 2014 for enabling industrial applications of his research. He has spoken as Plenary lecturer in 18 international conferences, and as keynote/invited lecturer in over 50 conferences.

Some Recent Publications:

  1. Rational approach to guest confinement inside MO cavities for low-temperature catalysis, I Wang, L Gao, J Hu, S Herau, J Griffiths, W Li, J Dong, S Gao, MM Titrici, RV Kumar, S Smoukov, Nature Communications, 2019
  2. In-situ fabrication of TiO2-C core shell particles for efficient solar photocatalysis, A Chauhan, S Thirumali, RV Kumar, Mat. Today Comm., 17, 371-379, 2018
  3. Tailoring SOFC electrode microstructures for improved performance, PA Connor, X Yue, CD Savaniu, R Price, G Caissidy, LF Cohen RV Kumar, J Irvine, Adv. Energy Mater., 8(23) 2018
  4. Visible light-active photocatalysis: nanostructured catalyst design, mechanisms and applications, RV Kumar and M Coto, Chapter 18, 499-522, Visible-light-active photocatalysis – nanostructured design, mechanisms and applications (ed. S Ghosh), Wiley-VCH, ISBN:978-3-527-34293-8, Weinheim, Germany, 2018
  5. Thermal conductivity sensing device, method of operation and use of the same, S Srafraz, R V Kumar and F Udrea, GB Application No: 1421102.3, International Patent Application, PCT/EP2015/077948, filed on 27 Nov 2015; WO2016/083589 A1 published on 2 Jun 2016; National applications in US, EU, China and India (May/Jun 2017).
  6. Leapfrogging to sustainable power, R.V. Kumar, Chapter in “Smart Villages: New Thinking for Off-Grid Communities Worldwide; Published by Banson (Lavenham Press, UK), 2015, pp. 35-41; ISBN 978-0-9932932-0-7(paperback); 978-0-9932932-1-4 (hardback)

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