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Dr Isabelle McNeill

MPhil PhD

Modern and Medieval Languages (French)
Fellow type
Staff Fellow

Philomathia Fellow and College Associate Professor in French; Director of Studies in MML and History & Modern Languages; Tutor; Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of French


Isabelle McNeill specializes in French cinema and theory, with a particular interest in theories of memory and the relation of film/moving image media to cultural memory, as well as the impact of new media on film theory and practice. Her current research is on travel and displacement in recent French and Francophone film. She is the co-editor of Transmission: Essays in French Literature, Thought and Cinema (Bern: Peter Lang, 2007) and, among other topics, has published work on Godard’s loge de l’amour and on memory and the city in contemporary French film.

Dr McNeill is also actively involved in the Cambridge Film Festival, and is a trustee and co-founder of the Cambridge Film Trust, a charity founded to promote film education and culture.

Dr Isabelle McNeill is a Philomathia Fellow supported by the Philomathia Foundation.

The Philomathia Foundation is a private charitable organisation, whose mission is to promote human harmony and well-being through advocacy for, and support of, education and research. Founded in 2004 by the Chung brothers, the Foundation is responsible for supporting research and education internationally and several institutions have been chosen to lead the development of solutions to global concerns through academic exchange.