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Written by:
Paul Holland
12 Mar 2024

As March unfolds, Trinity Hall students Umayyah Rahman and Shihab Ahmed, along with Muslims globally, embark on the journey of Ramadan, commemorating the revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad.

Founding members of the Trinity Hall Islamic Society and participants in the University of Cambridge Islamic Society, Umayyah and Shihab reflect on the transformative nature of this month.

Shihab, a third-year medical student currently undertaking a year of Theology studies, said that while fasting is a central tenet of Ramadan, it serves as an instigator to more profound actions: “That’s not the heart of it. For Muslims, it’s not the hardest part; it is a starting point.” Umayyah, a third-year Theology student, concurs, emphasizing the spiritual aspect: “The spiritual element is the most important part. We make more of an effort during the month to do things like charitable work, pray on time; to focus on elements of faith that might drift a little during the rest of the year.”

Both students are set to undertake a contemplative challenge, aiming to complete an entire recitation of the Qur’an during the month. Shihab believes this practice helps to “engage more” with the Holy book, marking it as the “most spiritual single part of the month.”