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Written by:
Kathryn Martin-Chambers
15 Nov 2022

Event: Spontaneous Reactions

Where: Trinity Hall

When: 7.30pm, 17 November (Thursday)

Cost: FREE

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A new improvisational performance by Trinity Hall’s Jordi Ferrer Orri promises excitement as the postgraduate hosts his Spontaneous Reactions show.

We spoke to Jordi ahead of his show:

How did you become involved in improv?

It was serendipity. A postdoc in Cambridge started a small group of improv just before Covid, I liked it and, soon after when the lockdown started, “virtual” improv became a key part of my week as it was fun, relieving and a way to socialise.

What’s your favourite thing about improv?

To not simply hear but to listen better. In analytical sciences, we are encouraged to think critically about everything. In improv, we need to process everything, which has helped me learn to listen much better.

Science and improv have opposing principles – systematic and methodical vs spontaneous and unplanned. How do these interact on stage?

Improv is bad at explaining scientific concepts, so we don’t try to do that. Instead, we try to showcase the intricacies of the scientific method and the life of scientists. We can portray scientists as any other humans and shows how similar to other jobs being a scientist can be, demystifying this field.

Why should people come to see Spontaneous Reactions?

If you want to laugh for a good hour, learn more about the scientific life of a Cambridge academic and contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime show (no two improv shows are ever the same), then come on Thursday!