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Written by:
Paul Holland
23 Jan 2023

This term marked the beginning of a new, significant focus on learning and development for Operational Staff at Trinity Hall.

Founded in 1350 to promote the study of law, the College’s mission has always been to educate and now, more than ever, that extends to the staff who help the College run.

With more than 621 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 82 Fellows, the 164 staff play a vital role in supporting the College’s educational mission.

Among the training on offer managers will receive expert coaching, staff for whom English is a second language will be offered language classes, and many staff members are receiving ongoing online support including continuing professional development, alongside vital health and safety training.

Magalie Cooper, Director of Human resources at the College, said: “In the past year the College has shown drive, focus and enthusiasm in investing in their people and I can’t wait to see the impact and energy this learning and development programme will have on Trinity Hall.

“Reflecting on the core educational mission of the College, it is only right that staff also benefit. Investment in training is an investment that will have positive impacts across our community.”

Highlights last week include the second cohort of line-managers receiving three courses delivered by workplace relations agency Acas to ensure effective, fair and transparent line-management. This training suite includes also a module on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to promote equality champions within the community.

Trinity Hall Bursar, Tim Harvey-Samuel, said: “Our staff play an absolutely essential role in ensuring the fulfilment of our mission to educate current and future generations. We want to ensure that Trinity Hall is an exceptional place of learning and development for all members of its community.”

More than 30 staff will also receive face-to-face and online English language lessons for non-native speakers, delivered via the British Council corporate platform. This will enable staff to develop their skills and be able to communicate more effectively and freely with their colleagues, students, guests and Fellows.

Another exciting investment is the 12-month Management Development programme in partnership with Jacqui Kemp at Your People Potential. Eleven line-managers are set to focus on their personal and professional development. This is a substantial investment for the College and each learner will have a monthly coaching session and homework.

Kemp said: “The objective is for managers to learn about themselves while developing a toolkit to manage difficult and complex people-issues, saving HR resources to focus on business objectives.”

Cooper explains how empowering departments has led to an increase in training uptake with more than 65% of staff participating on digital training platform iHASCO: “The Heads of Department are now in charge of their department training plans and schedules. This has been really helpful in getting more colleagues through training and therefore developing or refreshing operational and personal skills. Our Health and Safety Advisor will also be going back to classroom teaching and provide statutory training courses to many of us.”