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Written by:
Paul Holland
28 Mar 2024

Gardener Richard Macarthy has spent 35 years nurturing the gardens of Trinity Hall, starting in the late 1980s through the Youth Training Scheme. Over the years, he’s seen significant changes in the College grounds.

At a ceremony this morning (March 28) in the Fellows’ Garden he was presented with a Long Service Award by the Junior Bursar, Glen Sharp, in the Master’s absence.

“When I first started,” Richard recalls, “they called part of Wychfield the Cabbage patch… like a practice field. The Jerwood Library hadn’t been built on Central Site… we had an incinerator and compost area there!” Despite these changes, Richard’s dedication remained steadfast.

“I never thought I’d be here for 35 years,” he admits. “But as the years went by, you realize how quickly time passes.”

From missing the odd cherry tree to some vanished horse chestnuts and box hedging, Richard has witnessed transformations. Yet, his commitment to maintaining the gardens remained constant as new plants have replaced the old.

“Having a routine and sticking to it is key,” Richard shares, offering his secret to garden upkeep: “You can’t do it all at once!”

Facing challenges like climate change and pests, Richard remains optimistic. “We’ll adapt as best as we can,” he says.