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Written by:
Paul Holland
15 Jun 2023

Paul Townshend, boathouse manager and rowing coach, gives us a rundown of all the action on the river from day one of the May Bumps.

“Day One was an extremely successful day for THBC with three of our five crews bumping up.

“W3 started the day and, following an unfortunate technical issue, were bumped by Hughes Hall W2. The crew will have learned an enormous amount and will be back stronger today.

“W2 raced next and rowed away from Hughes Hall W1 which pushed them onto Emmanuel W3 in front of them, and our crew promptly bumped Emmanuel around Ditton Corner after a wonderful race by both crews. Station 4 in Division 3 for this crew on Thursday.

“M2 looked to build on a very positive final two weeks and once the sound of the cannon had finished ringing in their ears (M2 started on Station 7 under the A14 road bridge and adjacent to the starting cannon) the crew completed a very prompt bump on Robinson M2 halfway along First Post Reach. Station 6 in Division 3 for this crew today.

“M1 raced a valiant race holding a fast Caius M2 boat at bay until shortly after Ditton Corner. The crew will return today with fresh legs and look to avenge the previous day’s result.

“Finally came W1 who, after a term of excellent results, charged off the start and managed to catch First & Third Trinity after ninety seconds. W1 will start from position 11 in Division 1 on Thursday. Here’s to another (hot) day in the sun today!”