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Written by:
Kathryn Martin-Chambers
26 Feb 2021

Special funds for all students affected by the pandemic have helped reimburse them for the costs associated with the practical challenges of studying from home.

Now the undergraduate community has come together to meet other less tangible costs under their brand new JCR Welfare Fund.

Lily Indira Kirkby (above, left) and Rajiv Guha (above, right), Trinity Hall JCR Welfare Officers for undergraduates, said: “We are extremely pleased to announce the foundation of a brand-new ‘JCR Welfare Fund’. The College has already established an academic fund to help students who require additional academic equipment and resources in order to study remotely, and as a JCR Committee we thought we would start our own fund, with this one focused on non-academic items that would improve student wellbeing, both mental and physical.

“Each student is able to be reimbursed up to £10 on anything that will improve their wellbeing. Examples might include sports or music equipment, non-academic learning materials, online subscriptions/classes and much more.”

“As much of the JCR is not currently in Cambridge, this fund will hopefully allow students to escape from the pressures of a challenging term, heightened by the current national lockdown. We want to encourage people to spend time on themselves, take a break from work and focus on their wellbeing by doing the activities they enjoy. The Fund, financed entirely out of our own JCR budget, is a way to support our fellow students, even if we can’t be together in person.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the JCR President, Sam Riley, and the JCR Treasurer, Antonio Cheong, for all their help and support in establishing the fund. We’re using the JCR Welfare Fund Google Form for anyone who wants to be reimbursed.”

Trinity Hall alumni and friends have also generously supported the College’s fundraising appeal to help students adversely affected by the pandemic.  Donations have helped support students whose household financial situation has changed, or who have incurred unexpected costs, and have enabled us to provide students who were struggling to study remotely with additional resources.

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The JCR (Junior Common Room) is the student body elected by students that represents undergraduates at Trinity Hall.