The Dalai Lama: Leadership and the Power of Compassion: by Dr Ginger Chih (1995)

The Dalai Lama book cover

Framed with the eye of a photographer, The Dalai Lama: Leader For A Compassionate Humanity crafts an intricate tapestry of the Tibetan diaspora, finely woven through accounts from the Dalai Lama’s storied life, the everyday lives of the Tibetan people, and the insights of a leadership coach who has applied the principles of Buddhism in her professional life. Along the way, evocative and moving photographs of the author’s decade long journey provide deeper context into the Dalai Lama’s organic evolution into a dynamic global leader who has modernised Tibetan culture and shaped a potential humanitarian catastrophe into a thriving, if exiled, community. The Dalai Lama emerges as an influential global voice and a potent example of what leadership informed by compassion and selflessness could become in the 21st century. The Dalai Lama’s passionate appeal for a spiritual and ethical revolution, which calls for a total reorientation away from our habitual preoccupation with the self, and toward the wider community, has new urgency. Nothing illustrates this concept of global interconnection more than the rapid spread of the global coronavirus pandemic, which spared no one and affected every one of us. Because COVID has played out at a global scale, we can see how important a strong, effective, compassionate leader is. The Dalai Lama provides this selfless, compassionate role model.