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Written by:
Kathryn Martin-Chambers
05 Feb 2021

With Pink Week 2021 drawing to a close, we spoke to the student reps at Trinity Hall who promote the breast cancer charity week. We also took a look at some of the research into breast cancer treatment being carried out by our students.

Trinity Hall students have been raising money during Pink Week for breast cancer charities. Pink Week student reps Julia De Luca and Caitlin Rajan told us: “Pink Week is designed to raise awareness as well as to raise funds for several different breast cancer charities. Pink Week in Cambridge has been such an important part of spreading awareness of the disease and teaching on early detection whilst also having a bit of fun.

“From virtual escape rooms to dance classes to informative panels, the week combines entertainment with education; all in the name of charity. This year, a number of charities are being supported; Breast Cancer Now, Breast Cancer Haven, CoppaFeel, Black Women Rising, Breast Cancer UK and the Teenage Cancer Trust.”

Students are also using their research to improve lives. Recent graduate Jialin Sae-Jiw (pictured), a Geraldine Rodgers studentship recipient at Trinity Hall, has been researching the breast cancer patient experience in England as part of a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise.

Her study is important because breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent type of cancer, with 46,000 women diagnosed each year in England alone. The breast cancer patient experience in England is not well explored and extant literature is scarce.

Jialin’s study establishes guiding principles for the design of successful solutions to improve patient experience. Implementation of the study’s recommendations has the potential to greatly benefit both the patient experience and improve system efficiencies, resulting in better health outcomes, as well as cost savings.

More information can be found on the Pink Week webpages. To donate to raising funds specifically at Trinity Hall visit the Trinity Hall Pink Week JustGiving page.