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27 Mar 2024

In the dynamic worlds of academia and athletics, Minnie Greaves stands out as a dedicated scholar and a gifted cheerleader.

Juggling her love for palaeontology with the adrenaline of cheerleading, she pursues diverse passions like so many students at Trinity Hall.

“Palaeontology is everything. It’s deep time,” Minnie says. “I look at snakes. I’m studying a fossil that is 30 million years old that was found in America. I’m trying to figure out its species and its radiation: how it spread geographically over time.”

Away from the rigors of academic pursuit, Minnie finds a difference focus and camaraderie in the athletic world of cheerleading: “Sport is an uplifting space. When we perform, it’s all about smiling, confidence, and supporting each other.”

Reflecting on her cheerleading for the University’s Cambridge Lions, Minnie reminisces, “I got into it during the pandemic, joining online workouts on Zoom. It’s been a source of friendship and joy.”

Navigating through the challenges of competing with a novice cohort who’d only met and trained online, Minnie recounts, “Second year was tough. We had no baseline, but it was exciting, all new to us.”