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07 Feb 2018

This Persian manuscript is a compendium of eleven works on morality, written by a number of Persian authors. It was in the Old Library by ca. 1720, when an inscription was made on the front fly-leaf by William Warren, Fellow and Librarian of Trinity Hall.

Contents: Selection of verses by Nizāmī and Hātifī, collected to illustrate a number of ethical principles; Pand’nāmah; Qiṣṣah-ʾi mūsh va gurbah (also known as the Fable of the mouse and the cat); Two tracts on ethics; Nān va halvā; Religious poem; Religious qasīdah; Bāb davyam dar bayān-i fadīlat-i muhtar-i Ibrāhīm; Tract on courtly etiquette; Short tract on companionship.

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