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Written by:
Trinity Hall
07 Feb 2018
(old shelfmark **A.43.2) 
Language:English and Latin
Date:17th / 18th c., ca. 1693 – 1710 (see provenance and notes)
Material:Paper. Watermark: shield charged with fleur-des-lys, crown above, ca. 90 mm
Physical Description:88 folios, 290 x 190 (ca. 250 - 280 x 155) mm, 34 -39 long lines, ruled in plummet (inner margin only) and ink (fols. 75 – 86), leaves lost between fols. 40 – 41, 70 - 71
Rubric:(fol. 2r) 1662. Reasons of Precedency of Drs before Sergeants
Incipit:1. They posesse the laws whereby the government of the church is directed
2o folio:fure tippets, which
Contents:Fol. 1v, Contents list; fols. 2r – 47r, Precedents, decrees, observations and notes related to Maritime law and the Admiralty Court; fols. 57r – 67r, Alphabetical list of matters related to Admiralty law; fols. 72r – 75r, Notes on precedents etc.; fols. 75v – 86r, Table of fees in different courts for various cases; fols. 87r – 87v, Note on Law Terms, areas of jurisdiction etc.
Script:Cursive mixed hand with Secretary features; cursive mixed hand, fols. 57r – 87v
Provenance:Signature of Nathaniel Lloyd, (1669 – 1741) Master of Trinity Hall 1710 – 1735, while at All Souls’ College, Oxford, 1693 (Nath Lloyd, Coll. Omn. Anim. Socius 1693, inscription fol. 1r); presumed to be his gift
Binding:17th c., limp, vellum, ‘Num. VI Admiralty’ in ink on upper cover
Notes:MS a miscellany in several hands, some early – mid 18th c. (some cases cited dated into 1730s). Fols. 57r - 87v written upside down in relation to first part of MS (i.e. start on fol. 87v). Letter, dated 1577, (possibly original) ‘Touching aiders of Pirates’ pasted to fol. 46v, copied out on fol. 47r. Printed sheet “A true table of all such fees as are due, or can be claimed in any Bishops-Courts …“ (dated 1681) as given November 1630, pasted into fol. 77r. Note on fol. 71v (after leaf lost) ‘it has been cutt out, I did itt, N.LL.’
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