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07 Feb 2018
(old shelfmark **A.72)
Author:William Roper
Origin:England, ?York
Date:20th c., before 1961
Material:Paper (factory made)
Physical Description:ii paper flyleaves + 37 folios (foliated by cataloguer), 298 x 224 (190 x 125) mm, 32 long lines, ruled in pencil
Incipit:fol. 2r) Forasmuche as Sir Thomas More, Knighte sometyme Lorde Chauncelor of England, a man of singular vertue and of a cleere unspotted consciens
2o folio:more discontynewinge his
Explicit:(fol. 33r) Which matter was by the same Sir Thomas Elliott to myself, to my wife, to Maister Clement & his wife, to Maister John Haywood & his wife, and unto divers other his freinds accordingly reported. Finis. Deo gratias.
Contents:Fols. 2r – 33r, Life of Sir Thomas More
Script:Pseudo Gothic bookhand (cursive)
Scribe:George Edward Larman (1896 – 1961)
Artist:George Edward Larman (1896 – 1961)
Decoration:1 frontispiece miniature (Sir Thomas More, after the portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger, nimbed) in a wide frame with spraywork, a shield of arms (William Roper) below, fol. 1v; 1 historiated initial (arms of Sir Thomas More) for start of text, fol. 2r; decorated initials [2 l.] in blue with red pen-flourishing for main text divisions; 24 bas-de-page shields of arms, frequently accompanied by drolleries, throughout text; 3 crests and 1 heraldic badge as border decoration; three-quarter page bar and spraywork borders with foliate motifs, occasional figurative scenes, hybrids, animals and drolleries for entire text; black, green and blue foliate, grotesque and animal linefillers.
Fol. 2v, Arms of Colte of Royden. Fol. 3r, Arms of John Fox, Bishop of Winchester. Fol. 3v, Arms of Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal Archbishop of York. Fol. 4v, Crest of Sir Thomas More in border. Fol. 6r, Arms and crest of Marney of Layer Marney, Essex. Fol. 7r, Arms and crest of Wingfield of Suffolk. Fol. 10r, Arms of John Longland, Bishop of Lincoln, and Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham, and crest of Tunstall (drollery; smith attempting to shoe a goose). Fol. 10v, Arms of Cardinal Lorenzo Campegius. Fol. 11v, Arms of William Stokesley, Bishop of London. Fol. 12r, Arms of Howard of Norfolk and Brandon of Suffolk (drollery; a hare herding a sow). Fol. 14r, Arms of John Clark, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and John Veysey, Bishop of Exeter. Fol. 15r, Royal badge of Queen Anne Boleyn. Fol. 16r, Arms of Lord Audley of Walden, Essex (drollery; pig and monkey dancing to piper’s tune). Fol. 17r, Arms of Thomas Cromwell (drollery; knights jousting on snails). Fol. 17v, Arms of Boleyn (large, accompanied by Reynard the fox preaching to geese and hens); arms of Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester. Fol. 18v, Arms of John Fisher, Cardinal Bishop of Rochester (large). Fol. 22v, Arms of Thomas Cramner (drollery; hare spearing a bird-grotesque). Fol. 26v, Arms of Richard Rich (accompanied by Reynard hanged by geese). Fol. 28r, Arms of Sir Richard Southell. Fol. 30r, Arms of Sir John FitzJames, Chief Justice of the King’s Bench (drollery; ass dressed as judge attended by monkey and pig). Fol. 30v, Arms of Sir William Kingston and Sir Anthony St Leger. Fol. 32r, Arms of Sir Thomas Pope (drollery; hare battling a dragon-hybrid). Fol. 33r, Bas-de-page scene of block and axe with martyr’s crown above, flanked by nimbed head displayed on a tower and a dove with an olive branch.
Provenance:George Edward Larman (1896 – 1961); his bequest, 1961
Binding:20th c., brown leather over paste boards, blind-tooled edge design, red and gold endbands
Notes:Part of the Larman Bequest. Larman was a student at Trinity Hall 1914 - 1918.
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