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Trinity Hall
07 Feb 2018
(old shelfmark **A.42.2) 
Author:John Lane
Language:Latin and English
Origin:England, ?Cambridge
Date:17th c., ca. 1590 - 1613
Material:Paper. Watermark; flagon with single handle? (in gutter when visible)
Physical Description:i paper flyleaf + 285 folios (foliated i – xiv, 1 - 271) + i paper flyleaf, 197 x 150 (158 – 175 x 110 - 125) mm, 27  39long lines, ruled in hard point (inner margin only)
Rubric:(Title, fol. 1r) Libellus in causa matrimoniae
Incipit:In dei nomine amen
2o folio:Item, quod
Explicit:(fol. 268v) putto my hand and seale as on the [. . . .] [. . .]
Contents:Fols. iii recto – v recto, Table of subjects; fols. v recto – viii recto, Table of contents (in two columns); fols. ix recto – ix verso, Table of fees in bishop’s court (bound upside-down); fols. x recto – xi verso, Table of fees in various courts; fols. xii recto – xiv verso, Notes on precedence; fols. 1r – 268v, Book of precedents; fols. 270v – 271r, Receipts
Script:Cursive mixed hand
Provenance:Same hand as MS 42.1 (signed by Lane); ‘I doo promise the reterner of this booke five shillings. John Jones’, late 17thc. (fol. ii recto; see MS 42.1); ‘A book of Precedentes by John Lane’, 17th / 18th c. (fol. i verso); 1710 signature of Nathaniel Lloyd, (1669 – 1741) Master of Trinity Hall 1710 – 1735 (fol. i verso)
Binding:18th c., half brown leather and marbled paper over paste boards
Notes:Lane possibly the resident student recorded at Trinity Hall 1584 – 1585 (Venn); he was a proctor (lawyer) by 1613 (Helmholz).
Bibliography:R. M. Helmholz, Roman Canon Law in Reformation England (Cambridge, 1990), 124 n. 8, 127, 127 n. 19.
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