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07 Feb 2018

1. Description by M. R. James

Haenel 12.

Paper, 77/8 x 61/4, ff. circa 280, ff. 35 numbered.

Cent. xvii (1675), neatly written.

At the beginning of each tract a shield ermine three mascles conjoined per fess gu. Motto, Veritas vincit.


Robertus Blemell Aul. Trin. scripsit a.d. 1675.


Vicarius de Stanton cum Hilton obiit ao 1708.


1. De Diversis Regulis Iuris antiqui . . . . . . . . . . . f. 1

Index after p. 473.

2. Ejusdem Processus Iudicarii . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1

Occupying 38 ff.

© N.J.R. James

2. Supplementary Description

Author: Thomas Eden (d. 1645)
Language: Latin
Origin: England, Cambridge or Stanton cum Hinton, Hunts.
Date: 17th c., 1675
Material: Paper (no watermarks visible)
Physical Description: 282 folios (numbered fol. i, pp. 1 – 473, (fols. 237r -241v unpaginated) pp. 1 – 38 (fols. 279v – 282v unpaginated)), 198 x 158 (178 – 183 x 118) mm, 22 – 24 long lines, ruled in pink ink and plummet, leaf signatures (word on recto of each page)
Rubric: Diversis Regulis: Juris Antiqui
Incipit: Continuatio huius tituli cum precedentibus
2o folio: (p. 3) quam arbitror magis
Explicit: implicita pelico sufficit. Finis. Veritas Vincit.
Contents: Fols. 1r – 236r, (pp. 1 – 473) De diversis regulis juris antiqui; fols. 237r – 240r, Index; fol. 241r, Title page; fols. 242r – 279r, (pp. 1 – 38) Processus Judiciarii
Script: Formal mixed hand
Scribe: Robert Blemell, (d. 1708) vicar of Stanton cum Hinton, Hunts.
Decoration: Two title pages (fols. i recto, 241r) with shield of arms (ermine, 3 mascales conjoined per fess gules) with legend (Veritas Vincit) above in wreath with tassels (fol. 1r) or frame (fol. 241r), with wreaths and laurel leaves around all; display script (Roman capitals) within architectural frame, fol. i recto; display script (Roman capitals) with pink foliate pen-flourishing for start of tract 2; minor pink pen-flourishing for some chapter headings, Tract 2; pink foliate penwork linefillers, with occasional faces, for Tract 2
Provenance: Inscription Robertus Blemell Aul. Trin. Scipsit Anno Domini 1675, fols. i recto, 241r.
Binding: 17th c., brown leather over paste boards, blind-tooled open panel design, blue and salmon endbands (fragmentary)
Notes: Tracts designed and written as two entities, with separate title pages and pagination. Early 18th c. hand has added note Vicarius de Stanton cum Hinton, obit ao 1708 on title pages. Thomas Eden was Master of Trinity Hall 1626 – 1645; he completed this commentary in 1633 (Helmholz 1990). Erroneously attributed to Blemell on spine label and in some literature because of provenance inscription.
Bibliography: M. R. James, Catalogue of Manuscripts in Trinity Hall (Cambridge, 1907), 42 – 43; A.W. W. Dale ed., Warren’s Book(Cambridge, 1911), 202; R. M. Helmholz, Roman Canon Law in Reformation England (Cambridge, 1990), 136, 136 n. 53;

A. Wijffels, ‘A seventeenth-century English commentary ‘De regulis iuris’’ in O. Condorelli ed., ‘Panta rei’: Studi dedicate a Manolnio Bellomo. Tomo V (Rome, 2004), 473 – 496.

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge