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Arts Festival

Trinity Hall’s first Arts Festival celebrates creativity and the arts through a series of events, exhibitions, performances, screenings, and opportunities for artistic practice and production. The Festival is an opportunity for the arts to thrive in College and to showcase our diverse artistic talent.

The festival runs throughout the 2022/23 academic year.

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Submit a proposal

Members of the College are invited to submit proposals for contributions to the Trinity Hall Arts Festival. Grants are available for small and large projects. Contributions from all areas of the arts including, visual arts, performance, film, spoken word, theatre, music and multi-media are welcome.

The application deadline for this term is 1 December.

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Portraits in Trinity Hall

An informal guide to portraits in Trinity Hall

Whether the architecture explains it or not, each Cambridge college has a curious kind of personality. ‘Hall men and women’ know – though they rarely make that knowledge explicit – that ‘their college’ is the best and ‘the nicest’. It is ‘cosy’, friendly, unpretentious and, in some mysterious way, welcoming.

I welcome the reader to this guided tour of those who lived and worked here before our time and hope that both Trinity Hall members and visitors will find it entertaining to get to know the portraits and the persons whose faces stare at them from the walls.

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Portraits Booklet cover

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