Society Focus: Introducing Trinity Hall Netball

Netball Society Captains

Naomi, Georgia and Ollie

Hello! My name is Naomi, I study law, and I am co-captain of both the Mixed and Ladies Netball teams. I played netball at primary school because there weren’t many girls so we all ended up playing, but I really enjoyed it and so continued playing on the netball team in secondary school. Because of Covid I didn’t play at sixth form, but I started again when I joined Trinity Hall and loved meeting and playing with lots of different people who I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Hello! My name is Georgia, I study Classics, and I am co-captain of the Ladies netball team. I’ve been playing netball since I was in primary school as my mum was the coach of the primary school team and influenced me a lot in my love of the sport. However, later in secondary school and sixth form there wasn’t the opportunity for me to play so coming to university allowed me to get back into the sport that I love in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Hello! My name is Ollie, I study Physics, and I am co-captain of the Mixed Netball team. Although I’ve always played some form of sport, I hadn’t ever played netball until my first year at Trinity Hall when I was asked to be a last-minute replacement for a match but since then I’ve continued to play and enjoy the sport. It shows that anyone can take up the sport at any point in their lives and still have fun and meet new people.

We don’t know when the Netball Society started, however, we do know it has been going for a while because the Trinity Hall Mixed Netball group recently hit 10 years on Facebook. Numbers fluctuate depending on the week and people’s workloads, but we have around 25 people coming regularly. However, because it is low commitment, we do also have some people who only come to occasional matches or training sessions.

Both the Mixed and Ladies teams have matches most weekends during Michaelmas and Lent term with an optional training session during the week (which at the moment is on Tuesdays but is quite flexible). At the end of Lent term, we then have Cuppers which is a great opportunity to play different teams of different standards. We also try to hold a couple of socials each term to encourage team spirit and will organise friendly matches during Easter term when there are no official league matches. We have our most fun during our training sessions when there are more than enough people to play a really chill match where we can not only focus on our technique but also how we work as a team which we believe is one of the most important aspects of the game as we encourage a supportive, friendly environment for people to step back from the pressure of the Cambridge workload. For the Ladies team, we are really looking forward to playing the CU Vets team and for Mixed we are enjoying playing any new teams.

Anyone can come to training or matches – we are always happy to have new people! You do not need to be a certain level or even to have played before, we have had lots of people come and play for the first time ever with us, including one of our captains, Ollie, who played one match before becoming captain. It is also very accessible because there is no obligation to come to every training session or match. We have people of all abilities and from a variety of years and subjects coming so it is a great opportunity to meet new people, but hopefully there should also be at least someone you recognise.

Get Involved

You can keep up-to-date with all our training sessions and matches by following our team accounts which are th.mixednetball and th.ladiesnetball on Instagram, or joining the Facebook group (Tit Hall Mixed Netball (TH Zebras)). If you have any questions feel free to message the Instagram or email us!