Meet Chris Haggard, MCR President 2021/2

I am Chris and I am the current President of Trinity Hall MCR (Middle Combination Room). I am in the 3rd year of my PhD on a program called Computational Methods for Material Science. Before being President I was Treasurer so it is fair to say that I really like being involved with MCR.

I joined Trinity Hall for an MPhil in 2019 after finishing my undergraduate at Bristol and I have enjoyed every moment.

I love being able to walk into the MCR and see lots of familiar friendly faces. The MCR offers a great respite from the pressures of a PhD and a brilliant opportunity to meet other postgraduates. I have made brilliant friends at Trinity Hall and I hope that those joining this year are able to do so to!

Message from Chris to the new postgraduates

Once again it is the time of year to welcome another group of new students to Trinity Hall MCR. The MCR brings together PhDs, Master’s students, fourth year undergraduates and postdocs from all subjects to be part of a College community. The MCR is an excellent way to meet new people from outside your subject area and make lifelong friends.

The MCR runs a variety of events but one that is always popular is the McMenemy seminar, a talk by an MCR member on their research before Wednesday Graduate Hall. This brilliant tradition is being continued this year and we already have a term card with subjects ranging from AI for efficient energy use to 13th Century curtain remains!

Twice a term the MCR has Superhalls – extra special themed dinners. This year we swapped out the somewhat traditional Harry Potter Superhall for a Halloween Hall. Together we enjoyed worm and bug soup for starters and pumpkins carved by members were displayed around the dining hall.  Over the course of last year the MCR raised well over £1000 for charities at our Superhalls and we are very keen to continue this going forward.

To all those that have joined this yea,r I hope that you find a community in the MCR that you can call home. The MCR is a vibrant, fun and welcoming place and I hope that you will all get as much out of it as I have done!