One Thousand Moons; by Martin Hurcomb (1995)

The year is 2002, the place is South East England, normally a peaceful corner of the world. Normally.

In between jobs and living alone in a quiet village on the Surrey\/Sussex border, thirty\-year\-old Alba White is drifting through life. At the other end of the village, Hillstone Hall is in a precarious position. The elderly Lord, Edward Chapman, is in a financial hole and literally selling the family silver to keep the place afloat.

Then, when during a charity cricket match, one of his own garden volunteers is murdered, things take a further turn for the worse until an arrest is made. Yet, Alba, who found the dying man and whose blood stained her beautiful white dress, is not convinced the police have arrested the right person. Suddenly she has direction, but will she discover the truth in time?

Set around one man\x27s life, we are taken from 1940s war\-torn France, to the airfields of Bomber Command, to the grim interior of a prison and to the homeliness of a village pub in 2002, in a murder\-mystery which will appeal to Agatha Christie fans and those who enjoy a more retro\-feel to their crime stories.

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