End Game First: A Leadership Strategy for Navigating a Crisis: by Roderick Jones (1993)

End Game First book cover

COVID-19, a time synonymous with conflict and turmoil, was the first time many businesses were forced to navigate a crisis of epic proportions. Whether your business faced exceptional obstacles during this time or has endured adversity before, the reality is undeniable: crisis is inevitable.

Like financial management and project planning, crisis navigation is a skill vital for survival, sustainability, and—most importantly—success. No one knows this better than Mike LeFever and Roderick Jones. LeFever is a retired Vice Admiral with leadership experience in high-risk security environments. Jones is a former member of Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and a recognized expert in the security industry. Together they translate their unique experiences in military and corporate life into a framework for navigating crises and anticipating next steps before conflict becomes un-survivable.

In End Game First, you’ll learn how to select a dynamic team, leverage capabilities, and utilize communication principles that stand the test of time. This is your playbook for moving past the perceived inevitable and embracing growth, no matter what comes your way.