Critical Materials for a Low-carbon Economy: by Dr David Segal (1969)

Critical Materials for a Low-carbon Economy book cover

Countries worldwide are moving to a future without fossil fuels to mitigate the effects of climate change. This transition will involve phasing out the fossil fuels used for electricity generation, the liquid fuels used for transportation and the gas that is used to heat homes. To achieve the transition, a range of materials, known as critical materials or critical minerals are essential. These range from the lithium needed for batteries to store power to the neodymium needed for the magnets that convert motion to electricity in wind turbines.

Critical Materials for a Low-carbon Economy looks at the science behind some of the materials that will be essential to this transition. Beginning with an introduction to the origins of climate change and the importance of critical materials this book is split into chapters focusing on different technologies. In addition to describing the science behind the need for these materials it also discusses issues around supply chains and geopolitical considerations.